Welcome to aRKaDieM

I started this site for a bit of fun when I had a couple of projects I wanted to share. Firstly my Homebrewing and secondly my home Weather Station.
Although I have not brewed for a number of years, this section is still present in the Project section of the site.

aRKaDieM Weather

I am on my second weather station having had my original Maplins N96GY (also known as WS-1090) USB Wireless Weather Station since November 2011.

Since the rain meter and update frequency started becoming flaky - I decided to upgrade to a Ambient Weather WH-1401-IP Weather Station.

The main difference between the two is that the new station connects via IP gateway rather than USB to PC (or Raspberry Pi in my case).

I push the weather data to Weather Wunderground and utilise the build in API to pull the data into this site.


As an IT professional I am always doing other projects or playing with new things, I thought this would be the perfect place to chronicle some of those other hobbies and projects

You can view all the projects and the progress here