Welcome to the aRKaDieM Weather Station

aRKaDieM Weather

I am on my second weather station having had my original Maplins N96GY (also known as WS-1090) USB Wireless Weather Station since November 2011.

Since the rain meter and update frequency started becoming flaky - I decided to upgrade to a Ambient Weather WH-1401-IP Weather Station.

The main difference between the two is that the new station connects via IP gateway rather than USB to PC (or Raspberry Pi in my case).

Weather Station 1

To view the log history for the original weather station - the detail can be seen here

Weather Underground

The other main difference is that there is an auto upload facility to Weather Underground so I have moved to push to the online service and call the API to update this site.

Technologies Used

Improvements / Change Log

Saturday 14th - Tuesday 17th April '18
  • Playing with the API - making a change to this site in terms of brining the data in from Weather Underground and not the orginal weather station.
Sunday 15th April '18
  • Twitter alerts have been reinstalled from the Weather Underground data. I have expanded the template to the new Twitter allowed length of 280 characters.
  • There is much more data coming through now to make it more relevant. Schedule is still set to 1hour inverals.
Saturday 14th April '18
  • I have mounted the weather station on a scaffold pole and erected it in the garden about 10ft high. Although it is not 100% secured I am testing the position for wind and rain monitoring.
  • Once confirmed I will secure properly by fixing it to the wall.