Welcome to aRKaDieM

I started this site for a bit of fun when I had a couple of projects I wanted to share. Firstly my Homebrewing and secondly my home Weather Station

aRKaDieM Weather

The Weather station I have is a Maplins N96GY which was purchased in 2012. Please note that the information found on this site pertaining to weather should not be used for anything other than information! So don't blame me if you didn't bring your umbrella when it starts to rain!

This is also very much a work in progress as I play and learn more from the station, I will increase the accuracy of the data over time.

You can follow the progress and view charts by going to the Weather section of the site


As an IT professional I am always doing other projects or playing with new things, I thought this would be the perfect place to chronicle some of those other hobbies and projects

You can view all the projects and the progress here

Casket Ales

I began home brewing in 2012 born from my love of ales along with the increased prices of a decent ale!
I have completed a number of brews now and continue to enjoying both the process and the rewards!

I have called by micro brewery 'Casket Ales' and you can follow the progress by going to the Homebrew section of the site.